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Intense RejuvorA™ Cream

Skin MTX


Absolute Rejuvenation for Refined Smoothness and Youthful Radiance


The highly sophisticated lightweight Intense RejuvorA™ firming Cream is a more stable and safer alternative to conventional retinol. It boosts skin’s renewal and cell rejuvenation hence, enriching youthfulness of the skin without causing sensitivity or irritation. The formula is fortified with encapsulated RejuvorA™, a potent yet non-irritating retinol complex. Due to its wrinkle-correcting and collagen-boosting capabilities, the Intense RejuvorA™ Cream helps to smoothen skin texture and boost skin firmness, resulting in visibly improved youthfulness. Combining with Vitamin C & E, the active mix works synergistically to improve skin vitality, even out skin tone and fight against free radicals and photo-aging. As skin’s innate self-renewal system powers up, the complexion revives with tonicity, tautness and radiance.

  • Corrects deep wrinkles, promotes skin renewal and regeneration
  • Also, restores even skin tone while reducing imperfections
  • Strengthens skin against the effects of environmental aggression

For optimal results, apply after recommended SkinMTX Special Care Range and follow with sunscreen during the day.

Directions for use:

Every evening, apply over the face after cleansing and toning. For optimal results, apply after recommended SkinMTX treatment and follow with sunscreen during the day.

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