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1 March 2021

We thank you for your understanding as per the MOH guidelines Louise Gray Skin Care will be closed for treatments from Sunday 28 March 2021, for a period of seven days.  During this time please be kind to yourself and take care of one another.

We have a click and collect service available which can be activated through our online shop, via email, messenger or telephone.

Zoom sessions are also available during this time for any skin concerns.

Take Care

The Louise Gray Skin Care Team x

Louise Gray Skin Care - Owner Louise Gray


Of Looking After Your Skin

Louise Gray Skin Care is a fresh approach to professional skin care

As therapists we know skin inside and out.

We're therapists because we love what we do; we care about the health of your skin and we know we can make a difference to ANY skin.  In fact Louise Gray Skin Care was born out of an obsession with skin and the desire to treat it.  Our place as a leader in the professional skincare industry is a true labour of love and we want you to reap the benefits. 

Come in and experience a treatment and you'll see it really is about you and your skin.


Our qualified skin therapists use specialised face mapping and skin analysis tools to find the right treatments your skin needs to look its best. We recommend you book an initial consultation.


It is primarily about health, wellness & nurturing

My professional career started as a registered nurse working extensively in Intensive Care. With that type of nursing you realise how the body works as a whole and that you cannot compartmentalise things.

I often saw how my patient’s facial skin reacted to various medications and how stress from illness/disease or trauma is portrayed on the skin. I loved my role especially working with people and never intended to leave but I wanted/needed to move. I still wanted to involve myself with patients/people on a health level so I commenced my beauty therapy training in 1995.

Dividing my time as a nurse and skin care/beauty therapist I came to realise that I had a real passion for skin health and loved helping others with skin problems with real success.

Louise Gray, therapist and owner of Louise Gray Skin Care.


We use only the most comprehensive products available in the industry that have been researched and developed by skin care professionals for you.

Professional Skin Care Products available at Louise Gray Skin Care.


Keep your skin healthy and looking fresh with the help of our latest skin care tips and techniques. These simple tips apply to all skin types and conditions.

Results from a clinical trial of One Truth 818 in Auckland, New Zealand.

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