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Purifying Mask

Skin MTX


Restores Clarity, Controls Shine and Soothes Sensitivities

Exquisite 5 x e 45 ml

This gentle, cooling sheet Purifying Infusion Treatment Mask harnesses the purifying power of Oleanolic Acid to revive a clear and refined appearance. This formula readily targets excess sebum and dead surface build-up to help prevent blemishes and breakouts. A synergistic combination of calming actives, Aloe Vera and Menthol, aids in restoring a healthy, natural equilibrium and combat blemish-related symptoms like redness, swelling and irritation. Your skin revitalizes at an accelerated rate with controlled shine, increased hydration and renewed clarity.

  • Helps clear breakouts by controlling excess sebum and dead surface build-up.
  • Boosts hydration levels to soothe blemish-related irritations like redness and swelling
  • Rebalances skin’s equilibrium and strengthens barrier function to defend against future breakouts

Directions for use:

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes before removing it. Remove the mask and gently massage to assist absorption. Wipe off any remaining essence. Do not recycle used masks. 

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