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Alpha Spot Corrector

Skin MTX


Intensively Dissolves Melanin Grains in Dark Spots for Long-Lasting Fairness

15 ml

This intensive Alpha Spot Corrector cream contains a potent blend of lightning and brightening actives. Skin discolouration due to various reasons like excess sun exposure, natural aging, stress, and hormonal or metabolic disorders are targeted with high efficacy for progressive lightening. These lightening agents also help regulate melanin turnover, providing effective preventive measures against future pigment problems. A mild exfoliating action encourages the shedding on the top layer of skin. unifying skin tone while imparting a translucency and glow. Skin’s hydration levels are well-maintained to obtain a complexion that not only looks but also feels soft, smooth and radiant.

  • Provides targeted lightening and brightening action
  • Provides preventive measures against pigment formation
  • Favours the renewal of superficial skin cells

Directions for use:

Every evening, dab a thin layer on pigmentation, spots or scars. Should be used as part of a continuous, intensive lightening care program,

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