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Advanced Reconditioning Cream

Skin MTX


Recommended for Post-Laser & Post Procedure - 30ml

This protective cream is specially formulated to offer aid in the recovery of the skin barrier after harsh aesthetic procedures. It protects the skin from excessive dryness, redness and irritations with its potent calming and reparative ingredients. Designed to create an optimum environment for skin to recuperate, the complex of ceramide and bisabolol provide a protective “second skin”, shielding the underlying skin from external aggressors while it helps the skin rebuild its moisture barrier. Concurrently, a synergistic blend of skin regenerating actives promotes healthy skin, bringing forth speedier skin regeneration that results in a renewed, pristine-looking complexion.

  • Reduces sensitivity and promotes restoration of healthy skin
  • Replenishes the skin with moisture for optimal skin comfort
  • Strengthens skin barrier function against oxidative stress

Directions for use:

Every morning and evening, apply after cleansing and toning. For optimal results, apply after laser treatments and follow with sunscreen during the day

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