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Regenerance Active - Non-Oily Moisturising Gel



Non-oily moisturising gel for combination skins. 

Thanks to its high regeneration power, it can restructure the superficial skin layer providing them with elasticity, smoothness. The combination of its active ingredients prevents the formation of wrinkles and provides an immediate tightening effect on the skin.

A moisturising stage for the treatment of combination, oily and seborrheic skin. In skins that due to the secretory characteristics require lipid free moisturising products, regenerate active can replace hydra-vital factor K after applying a treatment involving temporary dehydration.

Active ingredients:
Collagen: A powerful moisturiser, firming and anti-ageing.
Plant Placenta: A stimulant of cell regeneration.
Elastin: Tensor and restructuring.
Lecithin: Moisturiser, emulsifier and anti-oxidant.

50ml tube

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