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Obsessing over the Truth One Truth 818 Serum


If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m a former registered nurse and my focus is on the health of your skin as well as what’s happening on the inside of your body to impact your visible skin layers. The therapists who work with me, Hannah Brockbank, Beverley Danyali and Oonagh Wolfkamp also look beyond the surface of your skin to what may be going on within the body. You see, your skin’s health, how it looks, and how it ages, is very much tied up with the general health of your body. This is one reason I am such a fan of One Truth 818 Serum.


I’m going to get a bit science-y here for a moment, but please bear with me. Chromosomes, cells which determine our gender, colouring and how we age, make up a large part of our biology. They are thread-like structures made up of protein and DNA and look a bit like an elongated horizontal ‘X’ with tips like shoelace caps on the end. These tips are called telomeres. Most of us have 46 chromosomes, and right from the point of conception the telomeres begin to shorten each time they replicate in the normal process of cell division. This shortening, which eventually leads to an inability to replicate, is one of the causes of ageing.


Enter world-renowned telomere biologist Dr Bill Andrews. He’s devoted to turning – what he terms – ‘the disease of ageing on its head. That said, he’s not really interested in skin, his passion is more about health. He’s the founder of Sierra Sciences in Nevada (sierrasci.com) and his tagline is ‘cure ageing, or die trying. In the 1990s Dr Bill Andrews discovered the human telomerase gene.


It was when my colleague, Auckland-based Rachel D’Aguiar who is just as passionate about healthy skin as I am, came together with Dr Andrews that 818 One Truth Serum was born. TAM-818 the telomerase that Dr Andrews discovered, has the ability to re-lengthen telomeres. Taking that monumental discovery Rachel developed 818 One Truth Serum. It has a light, velvety texture and releases the TAM-818 substance deep below the skin’s surface. It also hydrates and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and reduces sensitivity. I have been absolutely blown away by the results I’ve seen.

With 30 days of daily use, 818 One Truth is clinically proven to decrease wrinkles by 14%, improve skin firmness by 20%, reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles by 11% and 15% respectively, and boost elasticity by 8%. Plus, it goes without saying for me to stock it, 818 One Truth Serum is not tested on animals and contains no parabens, preservatives or artificial fragrances. It is non-sensitising, non-toxic and dermatologically tested. It’s got our unconditional seal of approval!


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