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The Story Behind: One Truth 818

The Forgotten Ingredient that Became a Number One Selling Skincare

One Truth 818 Scientific Skincare range holds the key to ever-lasting youth. Based on Nobel prize-winning research, it exclusively contains the world’s most powerful age-reversing compound. The One Truth 818 skincare revolution is the collaboration of a renowned Kiwi entrepreneur and beauty industry expert and groundbreaking scientific research, creating what many are calling ‘the best thing to happen to skincare this century’. So how did it all begin?
At 10 years old, a young boy’s dad said to him, “Son, find a cure for ageing.”  Now an award winning microbiologist, that boy, Dr Bill Andrews, has dedicated his life to just that.  With a motto ‘I will cure ageing or die trying!’
Dr Bill Andrews could see that telomeres (long tails attached to the ends of our DNA), were the root cause of all ageing and focussed his research efforts in this area. 
In the 1950s it was proven that every time a cell divides these telomeres get shorter and when they get down to 5,000 base pairs in length the cell can no longer divide and it dies.  The loss of base pairs and shortening of telomeres is our cells’ clock of ageing.  The ageing process can be sped up (think smoking, obesity, ill health) but even the healthiest of us cannot avoid this pre-programmed process.
In the 1990s Dr. Bill Andrews discovered the human telomerase gene.  When switched on it produces the enzyme that re-lengthens the telomere and reverses and stops the ageing process.  For this he was awarded ‘National Inventor of the Year’ and Popular Science magazine calls this the biggest discovery since antibiotics! 
Unfortunately for humans, the gene is switched off in all our cells except our reproductive cells, so Dr. Andrews began his quest to find compounds that would switch the gene on and express telomerase.  Over 11 years research, $33 million invested and more than 350,000 compounds tested, the most powerful Telomerase activator discovered was the 314,818th compound tested, known today as TAM-818.  Still to this day the most powerful on the planet and the key he had been looking for.
When the global financial crisis hit and investment dried up the molecule was locked in a cupboard were it stayed for almost two years – deemed too expensive to do anything with.
That was until Dr Andrews was introduced to Rachael D’Aguiar in 2011, a well-known business woman and skincare expert in New Zealand.  She immediately saw the massive opportunity and licensed the molecule and any future improvements to the molecule exclusively. 
She knew, from 20 years experience in her field that this would create a revolution in the skin and beauty industry.  So she formulated a luxury serum and did the testing – possibly the most comprehensive testing ever performed on a single skincare product – and she is the pioneer of topical telomerase activation.
Independent testing at Abich Laboratories in Italy on 100 women over a 30-day period proven significant results, even surprising Bill himself. 
In NZ, further trials were conducted and it was discovered that not just wrinkles and sagging skin but pigmentation, sensitivity and rosacea were all improved significantly by One Truth 818 serum. 
In early 2020 Rachael was invited to showcase One Truth 818 in Sydney’s prestigious Channel 7 TV Studios. Her debut show broke the channel’s sales records and One Truth 818 has gone on to become one of the number one selling skincare ranges in Australia.

Louise Gray of Louise Gray Skin Care is not surprised by the success of One Truth 818.  She is the New Zealand ambassador of the product and was the first skincare clinic in the world to procure it on her shelves.  Her first order sold out in only four days!  “It’s the science,” says Louise, who was voted NZ Top Therapist and has a nursing background. “There is nothing else that can work on this epigenetic level and when my clients learn about it they won’t settle for anything else.”  Louise was also one of the original NZ trial participants, you can see her before and after images on display in her respected skincare clinic on Kepa Rd,  Mission Bay in Auckland.
This product has no other competitors and is proven to be 200 times stronger than any other anti-ageing ingredient on the market. In fact, many skincare products and treatments widely being sold today as ‘anti-ageing’ are actually increasing cellular turnover and speeding up the ageing process.  Because bad things happen when telomeres get short!
No longer is skincare just ‘hope in a jar’, One Truth 818 contains the only truthful way to switch on age reversal.


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