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Have You Met My Team?

As we celebrate my 15 years of being in business in Mission Bay, we also need to celebrate my incredible team.

When you hear about Beauty Therapy Clinics, it is usually about the products they stock, their treatments and the fantastic results that they are achieving, but there is actually a whole facet that is often overlooked.
It is the therapists. They also perform the services, have the knowledge, advanced education and achieve the results.  Who are they and why do they choose to work where they do? 

Let’s take a look at my team.

Beverley Danyali

Senior Therapist, Louise Gray Skin Care

I have been at Louise Gray Skin Care now for 12-and-a-half years, wow! I came to Louise fresh out of beauty therapy college, as a mature student where I surprised myself by winning a scholarship and top student awards. Part of the scholarship was an interview with one of Dermalogica’s top clinics, Louise Gray!
I have never looked back. My first job in skin therapy will be my last, and that is because I simply cannot do better than be in a clinic with an amazing teacher, Louise. I have had fantastic support both professionally and personally from Louise, outstanding access to ongoing education, the most advanced products and skincare technology, the best colleagues anyone could wish for and a client base to challenge, appreciate and give my help to. All of this is a true reward.

I have learned so much and grown, not only as a therapist but also as a confident woman, and that is down to working at New Zealand’s best skin clinic, Louise Gray Skin Care.”

Hannah Brockbank

Senior Therapist, Louise Gray Skin Care

I have loved my four-plus years here as a team member at Louise Gray Skincare. Not only do I get to work with a dream team of positive women with varied and extensive experience, but ongoing education is made a priority.

“This is one of my favourite aspects of working in the beauty therapy industry: it is always changing, evolving and updating. This means we should always be learning and updating our skills and knowledge to remain relevant and up to date with best practices, ingredients, treatments and so on.
Louise makes sure to facilitate plenty of ongoing vocational training and I love the opportunity to keep on learning so we can bring the best service and advice to our wonderful clients.

Oonagh Wolfkamp

Senior Therapist/ Clinic Co-ordinator

I joined the team at LGSC over a year ago, having known Louise professionally for many years.
I value the philosophy of LGSC which encompasses the professionalism and great service to our amazing clients.

I enjoy working with such professional, experienced and knowledgeable people, sharing ideas and constantly learning. And it is heartening to hear clients remark on the welcoming and friendly environment they experience at LGSC.

We all know that great skin takes time but we have 15 years of skin transformations to celebrate. So it is time that you joined us!


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