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Serious About Your Skin

"So, we have been here for the past 15 years and we are not going anywhere!  Now is the perfect time to start your skincare journey with the Louise Gray Skincare team. We look forward to seeing you very soon!”  – Louise Gray

This June will see Louise Gray Skin Care Celebrate 15 years in Mission Bay. Fifteen years as your neighbour, 15 years as your skin care specialist, 15 years dedicated to skin health.
“I have always believed that we are more than a skin care centre performing skin care treatments and supplying skin care products, and the reality is, we are so much more.”
Let me take you on a journey

Having worked extensively in hospital intensive care units, you realise how the body works as a whole and that you cannot compartmentalise things. I believe that our body is like a finely tuned orchestra, working in unison to create a balanced repertoire. Imagine leaving out the percussion section at the end of an aria, it just doesn’t sound right!  This is how I work with skin, nothing is left out, it is the correlation between what is happening internally within the body, what is happening externally and how it manifests finally on the surface of our skin.  When all of these factors come together then this is where the magic happens, the by-product is ‘The Ultimate in Skin Health’.
My absolute obsession with skin health has led me to develop an incredible team of woman that I get to work with on a daily basis.  Beverley, Hannah, Oonagh are extremely good at what they do and they are lovely people to boot. I really feel their personalities and their dedication to advanced education is a notable factor to our success. (I have had the privilege of working with Beverley for the past 12 years, Hannah for four and Oonagh for one.) 
As a team we follow an ongoing training program that ensures we’re educated to the highest industry standards with skills that go way beyond product knowledge and techniques. 
We are continually enhancing our skincare knowledge and we love sharing new research and information with our clients. It helps keep everyone well-informed and up to date with new products, treatments and technology which is obviously a benefit for all. We’re passionate about skincare and our main motivation is to see 100 percent improvement in the condition of our clients’ skin. That’s how we measure our success.
I have also been a big believer in giving back to the local community that we’ve been part of for so long, so we support local businesses, schools and community-based projects with vouchers and products for their fundraising efforts.
Yes, I’m amazingly biased, but I also know it’s true that if you want the best skin ever it would be a good idea to call us and book in for a one-on-one consultation. We’re standing by with an individual skincare prescription just for you. Or perhaps DNA testing, specialised skin treatments, IPL hair removal, skin rejuvenation, microcurrent, LED light therapy, micro-needling and hydro-dermabrasion is what you are looking for. And don’t forget our famous ‘Skin- and Mind-loving Facial Massages’ that will put a smile on your dial for days afterwards!


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