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Can you Really Heal your Skin Through Internal Nutritional Support? | Louise Gray

This statement had always intrigued me and I have come to realise why in the past decade.

I am obsessed with skin health. It is the correlation between what is happening internally within the body, with what is happening externally that fascinates me.

Having worked extensively in intensive care, you realise how the body works as a whole and that you cannot compartmentalise things. I believe that our body is like a finely tuned orchestra, working in unison to create a balanced repertoire. Imagine leaving out the percussion section at the end of an aria, it will never sound the same.
The same goes hand-in-hand with great skin and dermal nutrition. I have personally suffered with acne, eczema and seasonal allergies. Topical treatments have worked to an extent, but when I started to deep dive into dermal nutrition everything improved remarkably.
Your skin needs to be supported internally to reap the rewards of total skin health. A wide range of nutrients is required for skin to thrive, heal and resist premature ageing. Dull, lifeless, and inflamed or spotty skin maybe indications that your body is not getting enough of the nutrients it needs for health, or that food sensitivities are actively working against a clear, glowing complexion. Essential fatty acid (EFA) oils have been my favourite for a long time. They are wonderful for myriad skin conditions ranging from acne to increased sensitivity, and for stabilising oil flow from excessive oiliness to extreme dryness. They moisturise your skin from within. When the skin is rich in EFAs, the oil naturally makes its way to the surface and forms a healing, anti-inflammatory protective outer layer. It also helps prevent skin congestion and breakouts, and can even help dissolve existing blockages as long as you reduce your intake of congesting foods.
At Louise Gray Skin Care we have an extensive range of dermal supplements and we will help guide you to incorporate these options into your regime. We are very focused on improving the health of your skin. It is primarily all about health, wellness and nurturing the largest organ of your body.
Having had bad skin myself, I understand the need for education on skin health. I thrive on the ability to be able to educate people about this, so they understand how the body is amazing in so many ways and that facial skin often portrays what is happening internally and usually a guide to total wellbeing.
It is now time for you to discover the Louise Gray difference.

Yours, in skin health,
Louise Gray, senior therapist and director of Louise Gray Skin Care


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