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When Beauty Meets Science

Are you Using a Product that is just ‘Mopping Up the Mess’ that Ageing has Left Behind?

There are a lot of products on the market that contain great ingredients, that are said to aid in triggering collagen or elastin production, or have been designed to make you ‘look’ a little younger by plumping up the cells or something off the surface.

But in reality, are you applying nothing that could actually tackle true age reversal?

Most of you will know that skin is in a constant state of flux.  The cells are in sloughing off the process of the skin called desquamation and for decades you've been told that 'anti-ageing' is all about making this process faster in order to bring new cells to the surface and 'look younger’.  In fact, it's the sales pitch for most 'anti-ageing' products:  Reveal new skin!  Increase Cell Turnover!

Have you heard of the Hayflick Limit? 

Cells can only divide a certain number of times before they die. And in the lead-up to death these old cells (they have critically short telomeres) don’t function well:  no collagen, no elastin, pigmentation goes haywire etc.  So forcing your cells to divide faster is without any doubt forcing them to age faster. 

This limitation of cells to continue dividing was discovered DECADES AGO.  So why are most skincare companies still telling that story? 

There is commercial gain to be made in selling you products that age you faster.  Why change their story when selling skincare that ages you faster is a multi-billion dollar industry?

To be honest with you, sometimes it's not easy being the only one telling a different story even if we are telling the truth.  Decades of youth seekers from consumers to dermatologists have all been indoctrinated to use therapies that accelerate telomere shortening.  The only way to repair this damage is to activate telomerase to re-lengthen the telomere.  The good thing though, is, at least one company had the brains to create a product that does just that and can you believe it was created here in New Zealand?

Topical telomerase activation (TTA) wasn't even a concept that had been dreamed of until a New Zealand company pioneered it.  You see, until TAM-818 was created there was no active strong enough that could have achieved TTA, so no one had even thought of it!

They are proud pioneers, continuing to push the envelope and bring you the truth. As a clinic, we are driven by science and are extremely proud to use and stock One Truth 818.  It is all of our long term anti-ageing ‘Insurance Policy’ and one product that no one should be without!


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