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Could your Anti-Ageing treatments actually be Ageing you?

When we talk about encouraging collagen growth, the repair of scar tissue and sun damage, are we also looking for a quick fix?

What would you think if that ‘quick fix’, could cause more long-term damage than what the initial treatment was originally sourced for?

It is important to understand the underlying mechanisms of the treatment and the trade-off you are making for resurfaced skin.  We say move forward with caution…..

In the never-ending pursuit of age management, we are often presented with a myriad of options, promising a fresh, brighter, lifted and more youthful complexion.  A number of these treatments are primarily targeted at the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) removal, via the use of an Ablative Laser or Advanced Peel. With these treatments, the body responds by making new skin.

Clever marketing promotes the fact that the skin is stimulated to produce new collagen and elastin fibres but let’s look at the reality of this. The dermis is making new collagen fibres and skin cells in order to rebuild your epidermis because it must, for your survival. The primary function of the epidermis is to protect you against environmental factors, regulate body temperature and create a waterproof defensive barrier.

With these aggressive treatments, they seem to be focused on only the immediate look and feel of your skin, not how you will look in consequent years.  If it’s so damaging, why does your skin look better after these treatments? Yes, they are making a new surface to the skin to make you look younger.  However forcing repair accelerates telomere shortening, so your younger-looking skin is actually made with older cells.  Your youthful appearance will be shorter-lived.  You’ve aged yourself faster.

Remember the Hayflick Limit?  Cells can only divide a certain number of times before they die. And in the lead up to death these old cells (they have critically short telomeres) don’t function well:  no collagen, no elastin, the pigment goes haywire etc.  So forcing your cells to divide faster is without any doubt forcing them to age faster.  What forces cell division? …Repair!   And that lovely ‘tight’ feeling you get? That’s just the inflammation that has been caused – detrimental?


During my career, I have witnessed first-hand the damage that can be caused by advanced procedures.  I believe that true age management now ensures that the epidermis remains intact and is supported through the control of inflammation.  I have moved away from treating the skin with lasers and peels in favour of micro-needling treatments which target beneath the epidermis and do not remove the top layer of skin.  LED light therapy and micro-current treatments are also my go-to’s.  It’s vital to support your skin at home with great hydration, peptides, vitamins, telomere support and an SPF.  These all work together to support and not speed up the ageing process.

At Louise Gray Skin Care we are committed to effective Age Management when it comes to treating the skin.  Committed to science and committed to delivering you the skin that will last you for a lifetime.


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