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Six Ways to Look and Feel Younger?

With something for everyone let’s take a look.

1.      Lengthen Your Telomeres:

As time passes by, the Telomeres at the ends of our Chromosomes get shorter. This shortening is what causes us to age.  But there is an enzyme within your genes that can undo the ageing process, all you have to do is activate it.  One Truth 818 was created from Nobel Prize-winning breakthroughs, $33 million in research and 11 years of investigation.  Only TAM-818, the active ingredient in One Truth 818 can switch on the telomerase gene to reverse the ageing process.

2.     Ensure your Skin Care Isn’t Ageing You :

Are the products that you are using on your skin actually ageing you faster? Are you using a product that promises to increase your cell turnover and bring fresh cells to the surface?  Are you creating damage and inflammation in order to make your skin repair and hopefully look younger? Are you an exfoliation junkie?  Have you answered yes to any of these questions, then your answer is yes!  You are speeding up the ageing process of your skin.

3.     Lasers are Not the Answer:

The promotional materials about laser treatments talk about encouraging the growth of collagen and repairing scar tissue and sun damage.  They talk of light and heat 'energy'.  What they don't like to make obvious, is how they do this and the long-term after effects.  The issue with these aggressive treatments is they are only focused on the immediate look and feel of the skin, not how the person will look in consequent years.  The surface of your skin will look younger through forced repair. However forcing repair accelerates telomere shortening, so your younger-looking skin is actually made of older cells.  Your youthful appearance will be shorter-lived.  You’ve aged yourself faster.

4.     Get Rid of Senolytic Cells

What happens when telomeres are beyond 'critically short'?  When telomeres get too short the cell can no longer divide and the cell dies.  Sometimes it self-destructs (which is preferable, actually) and other times it hangs around unable to function properly and aptly nicknamed a 'zombie cell'. 

New research into senolytic cells teaches us some alarming facts about the impact of these zombie cells.  Not only can they get in the way of normal processes but they can also encourage healthy cells to malfunction too as if recruiting an army of zombies.  Sadly, even a small fraction of zombie cells can hinder healing, immunity and health.  That's why One Truth 818’s, 'Eliminate', our senolytic therapy is designed to clear these senescent cells as quickly as possible, to avoid the damage they can inflict.

5.     Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle:

The most obvious that would actually be better stated as “Avoid an Unhealthy Lifestyle”,  because while there are several things we can do to make ourselves younger, there is also a range of activities that we can and (sometimes all too often!) do indulge in that very effectively age our cells faster than normal!

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking, vaping, being overweight and inactive, high-stress levels etc. What may surprise you is that we are better off simply avoiding these things than seeking out things we think are good for us while continuing to indulge in things that are bad.

Finally, always remember that

6.     Happiness is a major key to overall health, looking and feeling great!


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