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The Hottest Facial in Town

So your skin has been poppy red for the past two hours but now, you are definitely ready for anything. Who would have thought that putting hot paprika on inflamed skin would completely change it and so quickly! 

Aunt Ilcsi, made sure that one of her favourite products was included in this now ‘cult’ treatment, which has a very insinuating Hungarian name: ‘Before Event’. Even until this day, this continues to be an interesting topic among those who are eager to find out where this name comes from. Thanks to its wondrous capabilities of skin transformation, it would be just as popular today under any other regular name. 
Ilcsi’s Paprika Herbal Treatment is the hero in all of this. A handmade natural organic cosmetic that has a very simple, but extremely active ingredient: hot paprika. This ingredient increases blood flow, renewing the skin and making the signs of acne and rosacea disappear. Still curious? Let’s look at the story behind the name from Aunt Ilcsi herself:
“I thought that you should have looked beautiful to make something fancy happen.”
That’s why the treatment is called ‘Before Event’. Back in the day, when I made it for the first time I was scolded like an idiot, “What did Ilcsi think? Does she believe in changing the world with putting paprika on inflamed skin which then becomes cherry red, pimples disappear and reddening disappears?” And yeah, that’s true it has been red as a poppy for two hours but now, no pimples and no rosacea. Even perfect skin can be rejuvenated from this, as it improves circulation which renews the skin in a beautiful way.” – Aunt Ilcsi
So, how has this treatment from an organic, wild-harvested professional skin care range from Hungary changed so many people’s skin? As we have said, hot paprika – Capsaicin Protoalkaloid increases blood flow, which warms up the skin, and leads to a more intensive blood and lymph circulation. Aunt Ilcsi was well before her time believing that most skins did not suffer from problems they were merely, just lazy! Getting those skins stimulated and working properly with regards to circulatory and elimination processes, you will find that most skins will correct itself. 
This treatment is a very unique experience for my client’s with the flushing and increased blood circulation. Also the after effects are something to be witnessed. If you are attending an important event, I suggest this treatment is performed 24 hours before hand or the morning of the event for best effect” – Louise Gray.

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