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We all Age that is Inevitable, Mathematically Speaking

VERVE MAGAZINE September 2019

This statement has always intrigued me but I have only come to realise why in the past few years. I am a professional skin care therapist, owner of Louise Gray Skin Care with a background as a former registered nurse. I am obsessed with skin health. It is the co-relation between what is happening internally within the body, with what is happening externally that fascinates me.

So we age, that is inevitable but if we continue to do what we have always done, will we still get the same results?

This has led me on a personal journey, as a skin care therapist and I am ageing. I am not comfortable with using fillers and injectables to correct what I am starting to see and as a result I have become extremely selfish. I want products and technology, to correct what I see. I have always had an incredible range of products and technologies within the clinic, as we specialise in non-invasive anti-aging treatments but I personally needed more. People that know me,know that I am an incessant researcher, an ingredient junkie and thrive on skin histology. So, what have I found?


It takes a lot to get me excited but Mesoestetic’s did. This is one of the most inspired and technologically advanced medical skin care companies in the world. The expertise and
research of the pharmaceutical laboratories, headquartered in Barcelona Spain, is committed to the development and improvement of facial, sun and body treatments. Including continued research of the newest conceptsin advanced ingredients and delivery systems.

I have also up-graded our Dermal Needling technology and am now using the M-Pen from Mescoetetics. With these additions to my arsenal I am committed to providing you with the tools to help correct what time is starting to take away!

It is now time for you to discover the Mesoestetic difference and standards.

Yours in skin health

Louise Gray, Senior Therapist and Director of Louise Gray Skin Care

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