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Mesoestetic is a Medical range products that the developers refer to as " topical medication".
The range is highly active and all of the products are anti aging, what could be better!!

The company, owned and run by Joan Carlos Font in Barcelona, has a 30 year history of innovative researchand development with the company pouring 40% of its profits back into further research!

All of the products are made with sustainable bio memetic (that means man made but identical to
nature) ingredients that are plant ,marine and bio identical chemicals that imitate the skin cells requirements, so veryamazing .

The Dermus Group,made up from respected doctors and esthetic surgeons rigorously test and evaluate the products before they are released for consumer use.

One of the most impressive elements from Mesoestetics is the Solar Protection range ,Mesoprotech protects skin from the ENTIRE solar radiation spectrum AND from the damaging blue light from our phones and screens, as well as heat protection, which can cause deeper aging issues.It also has collagen Pro-47 ingredients to actively protect collagen and enhance its production.There is a product to suit all skins and requirements from a mineral lotion to powder formula to a nourishing anti-aging oil that enhances your precious collagen as well as protecting from those solar rays. And that's just one of the elements in the range!

So as you can see we are so excited to have this medical range in clinic ,and as for the professional products WOW ,we are getting stunning results,so come on in and let us show you how great your skin could be .


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