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7 Great Reasons to Use Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation

Mineral Based

This describes a formula that contains mineral pigments only i.e. without fillers, chemical dyes, synthetic preservatives and other ingredients common to traditional make up. Because mineral bases are concentrated pigment your skin gets concealer, foundation, powder and broad spectrum sun protection all in one quick step.

Quick to Apply

Who’s got time to spare?! Jane Iredale make up gives you a coverage that would normally take 3 or more products. The result looks sheer and luminescent and feels weightless. Because of the refining process that the mineral particles undergo, they bind together on application. They do not run, crease, smear, even during exercise, and will come off only with cleanser.(Dermalogica’s Pre-cleanse is great here!)


This is an every day make up that has multiple uses. It has been used extensively by people with burns, scar, birth marks etc as well as on film sets and television where the heat and light can play havoc with skin and make up. So matter what conditions you live and work in, your skin will look its best with Jane Iredale products.


This basically means that your skin won’t clog! Crystals of micro-pulverised minerals and natural pigments overlap each other on the skin to form a filter to protect against airborne pollutants keeping your skin clear.

Minimum Sensitivity Risk

This make up range contains NO synthetic fragrance, chemical dyes or synthetic preservatives so it’s ideal for sensitive skin. We’ve even had a client with eczema come back to us and say it’s helped her skin!

Additional Mineral Benefits

This range includes titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide both of which are anti-inflammatory. Zinc is also antimicrobial which means it’s great for both Rosacea and Acne. Doctors are also comfortable for patients to use mineral powders on skin that has been resurfaced or had surgery on. In a nutshell, these products won’t harm your skin.

Sunscreen Efficiency

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide act as mirrors on the skin reflecting light. This gives the mineral powders a broad spectrum UVA and UVB range between SPF 17 and SPF 20 without you having to apply a sunscreen. How easy is that!

And perhaps the most compelling reason of all…we believe in it and we use it ourselves!


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