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Clear Skin Really Does Begin From Within

Take it from me that when it comes to healthy skin, what you put inside your body is just as important as what you apply topically.

Throughout my professional career both as a registered nurse and as a skincare therapist, I have seen how internal nutrition directly affects what you see on the surface. I have witnessed first-hand how optimal nutritional support can stabilise myriad skin conditions especially whenit comes to an acnic skin.

Introducing Accumax, a skin supplement packed full of vital vitamins and plant nutrients that can help promote healthy, clear skin. Formulated to support problematic skin without any drying effects.

Did you know that around 95% of people are vitamin A deficient? And if you experience breakouts and skin problems, you might be one of them.The good news is that Accumax doesn’t just contain your so-called recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, it contains the optimum amount
required to really benefit your body and give your skin a boost.

But that’s not all — whilst vitamin A is essential for overall skin health, it’s the special phytonutrients in Accumax that make it unique, and mean it can help with many people’s acne problems. Taking two Accumax a day can deliver as many skin boosting nutrients as you’d get
from eating eight whole heads of broccoli.

With Accumax you can realistically expect to notice the results in a few months — we recommend initially taking Accumax for at least 14 weeks.

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“To get beautiful skin on the outside, you need to feed it from the inside with the right nutrients.
Our supplements are the first step in a results-driven skincare regime, they maximise the benefits of in-salon treatment and topical creams by nourishing from within.” – Louise Gray, Louise Gray Skin Care

“I began my course of treatment with Hannah at Louise Gray Skin Care about two weeks ago and I have noticed a massive improvement in my skin. I began taking skin Accumax and having LED light therapy treatments. Hannah is so cool, and is always so helpful with any questions I have. I have no more sore and nasty spots. I would highly recommend visiting Louise Gray Skin Care if you’re having any problems with your skin.” – Terry, Remuera

“OMG love this brand — used in London. Amazing results — ‘for real!” – Rachel, makeup artist, Auckland


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