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Did You Know Your Cells Are Out Of Work?

Ageing Skin Care | Mission Bay

No, it’s not the economy that’s causing those cells to look for work. It’s something worse—aging.

The good news is we have the solution! The latest advancement in microdermabrasion technology, called soft peeling, puts your cells happily back to work. And that means younger, smoother skin for you!

Incredibly, soft peeling does NOT use any:

• Crystals
• Salt
• Chemicals

That why even sensitive skin can use this therapy with confidence.

We start with the soft peel, which uses water and ultrasound to painlessly remove 20%-50% of the outer layer of your skin. And that’s a good thing because it’s always shedding!

Soft peeling also removes dirt, debris, and bacteria buried in your pores. The result? Your pores have never looked so small.

Once we have a clean canvas, the ultrasound waves push our nutrient-rich skincare products deep into your skin. And your skin loves it because it’s getting what it needs way down deep.
Fine lines disappear, deep wrinkles relinquish their hold, and new cells form, making your skin healthier and more resilient. And that’s critical!

As we get older, cells slow down until a lot of them just become freeloaders. Or, they become injured. That’s why we finish the session with microcurrent therapy. It stimulates these cells to grow, reproduce and protect your body from age-causing environmental damage.

Now your skin begins to make more collagen and elastin, all without any irritation or inflammation. (Basically, it puts them back to work, and they like that.)

You can even have the ultrasonic facial after a chemical peel. Ultrasonic facials provide superior exfoliation and intensify the peeling action of chemical solutions for far better results, while decreasing pain and swelling.

Isn’t it time to make yourself and your cells happy? Give them the kind of work you both can live with and love. Schedule your appointment today!

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