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One Truth 818 Serum

Anti-ageing skin care | Mission Bay

NEW from Louise Gray – the world’s most powerful anti-ageing skin serum, One Truth 818!

Based on the award-winning work of molecular biologist Dr Bill Andrews PhD – known as “The Man Who Would Stop Time” – One Truth 818  is the only skin serum in the world containing the TAM-818 molecule, the world’s most powerful telomerase-inducing compound.

Check out the amazing results achieved during clinical trials of One Truth 818 – and call Louise Gray NOW to obtain your One Truth 818 serum. Call 09 528 9010

These are among more than 130 volunteers who used One Truth 818 serum on their face, eye area and neck for two months…

Healthy Skin | Louise Grey
Healthy Skin | Louise Grey

How to use One Truth 818

A message from Dr Bill Andrews, founder of Sierra Sciences

50ml bottle. Lasts up to 60 days.


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