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Love or hate it - Humidity

Love or hate it, humidity and summer seem to go hand in hand – especially in Auckland. Whether seen as a blessing or a curse, we’ve had our fair share of it in recent weeks. 

For those with drier skin, high humidity can become our best friend. Here’s what to expect:



Humid air is moisture-rich, meaning you won’t have to worry about your skin drying out. Expect your skin to look and feel hydrated and supple, especially when compared to colder, drier climates.


Anti-ageing effects

When the skin is dry, fine lines and wrinkles become more pronounced – concerns that seem to fade and soften with high humidity.

But unfortunately, with the positive, there’s always a negative and high humidity can also have a detrimental effect on some skins. For some of us with oiler or combination skin, let’s see what to expect.


Excess sebum production

Sebum is produced more than usual for our combination/oil-prone skins during this time, resulting in the skin feeling greasy.



Something to be aware of – extreme oil production can ultimately lead to acne breakouts. With more oil, there is more of a chance of congestion which can lead to a breakout.

Let’s take a look at how we can fortify your skin against the visible effects of high humidity:


1. Choose effective cleaners

During times of high humidity, go with an effective cleanser and products that will aid in the control of excess oil. Just ensure you’re not stripping your skin, which is counterproductive.


2. Exfoliate your skin

This critical step ensures there isn’t an accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface where oil can get trapped.


3. Use lighter moisturisers

Please remember that even when humidity is high, a moisturiser is always a must. It will be time to opt for a lighter formulation that keeps your oiliness in check but will still provide the required hydration.

4. Hands off your face

Hands are exposed to various environments throughout the day, so the best way to ensure you’re not introducing other dirt or bacteria is to keep them away from your face! No touching is crucial in humid climates, as bacteria love moisture.


5. Keep cool

The perfect way to do this is to shower after any activity that produces sweat. Sweat can introduce more bacteria to the skin, so keep yourself cool and clean.


Experts in either harnessing humidity or counterbalancing its effects, the LGSC team is here to help. Please drop in, and let’s get you sorted!


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