LGSC Signature Treatment – Consultation

At Louise Gray, we offer a fresh approach to skin care. Every body’s skin is different, so we offer no “out-of-the-box” treatments – all our services are totally customised for your lifestyle and your skin’s needs.

Our signature treatment identifies skin problems and uses non-invasive treatments to leave you feeling relaxed, pampered and fabulous. We don’t just offer treatment solutions – we educate you on your skin’s needs and what you can do every day to keep your skin looking young and fresh.

What is involved in the Louise Gray Skin Care Signature Treatment?

  • A face-mapping session to determine potential problems and identify your skins unique needs.
  • A double-cleanse and exfoliation to leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.
  • Manual extraction to deal with specific problem areas of the skin.
  • Electronic modalities to rebalance and realign.
  • A rejuvenating touch-point massage, to leave you feeling sublime.

 What makes this treatment unique?

We have no prefabricated service offerings – every one of our treatments is customised to your lifestyle and your skin’s needs. The Louise Gray Skin Care Signature Treatment is designed to offer you a mix high performance cosmeceuticals and cutting edge technology, giving you maximum benefits, optimal skin health and complete relaxation.

Your treatments are performed by highly qualified professionals. Every member of staff is an internationally qualified therapist, and we use the latest in skin-care technology to identify and treat skin problems. During the Louise Gray Skin Care Signature Treatment, we will use our bt-analyze machine to determine your skin’s hydration level. We do this at the beginning and end of your treatment, so you can actually see how you skin is improving.

We aim to leave our clients feeling rejuvenated and revived, but also armed with information about their skin and what they can do to maintain optimal skin health.

How Do I Book My Louise Gray Skin Care Signature Treatment?

The LGSC signature treatment is a 60-minute session costing just $140.

You can book your treatment by contacting our clinic on (09)528-9010 in Mission Bay, Auckland, or by filling in our online booking form. We hope to see you soon!