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Meet the Creator - Scientific Supplements Event

One Truth 818


Why Do We Age?

There are several reasons we age, but it can be summed up with inflammation, oxidation, glycation, toxins, chronic infections, on top of poor diet, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and most importantly telomere shortening.

This is your chance to meet the creator of One Truth 818's groundbreaking new Scientific Supplements.

Join us on Wednesday 30 June at the Kohimarama Yacht Club, from 6.30pm where Rachael D'Aguair will deep dive into the world of Scientific Supplements.  

"Keep telomeres as long as possible for as long as you can and when those cells are no longer functioning Eliminate them as quickly as possible before they wreck havoc! These are the 2 most important steps you can take towards your health and longevity."

Wednesday 30 June, 6.30pm

Kohimarama Yacht Club

80 Tamaki Drive | Mission Bay | Auckland

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